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We provide a wide range of art & design services for your home or business!


Murals are transformative! A wall with an ARTrageous-ART mural transforms a dead space into a colorful celebration of our humanity and creativity. It turns dull to vibrant, ordinary to extraordinary. Our passion is to create custom artwork that is transcendent enough to put 'wow' in the mouths of all your guests.  Great places to add murals include bathrooms, bedrooms, ceilings,  game rooms , garages, home offices, kid’s rooms, nurseries and more!

Color Consulations

Color is the most inexpensive way to add impact to your home or office. Even if you do not alter your furnishings, a simple color change could make your entire space look newly decorated. ARTrageous-ART will provide you with assistance in choosing colors that compliment your home or business and its furnishings, as well as ensuring that the colors work well together throughout the entire space.  We bring samples from various color charts so that together, we can choose the design that works best for your space.  If you have already chosen your colors but feel that you need another opinion, a color consultation is perfect for you!

Faux Finishes

Do you adore the look of aged-plaster walls? What about the marble, stone, and wood grain found in European homes? ARTrageous-ART recreates the dimension, depth, beauty and drama on your own walls with faux finishing. Faux is the French word for artificial or imitation. Our faux finishing techniques will create the appearance of a material such as stone, metal, or wood, to your walls to add the aesthetic you desire.

Furniture Refinishing

There’s probably an old dresser, chair, or table you’ve stashed away in a dark corner of your basement or attic that’s covered with cracked and blistered paint! Whether the piece is a family heirloom or just something you picked up at a garage sale, you can have ARTrageous-ART turn it into a usable, decorative piece of furniture that compliments your home or office.

Sometimes a fresh coat of paint is all a piece of furniture needs to breathe new life into a space. The unexpected pop of color is a fun contrast to a traditional piece of furniture and becomes a new focal point in a room.

Custom Artwork & Hand-Painted Logos

Provide us a description of your ideal custom project, including the size of the wall and brief overview of the space and creative direction for the artwork. After a phone consultation about the project, we will make an appointment to meet in person.  We provide sample boards and a written estimate for the work to be done. In my proposal for the work I will include a contract. If you would like to move forward with the project, send the signed contract back to me along with a deposit and I will begin to work on your design and schedule your work. This applies to any

ARTrageous-ART service described above, and also any custom project you have in mind.

You may have a unique and beautiful brand that deserves a hand painted logo. ARTrageous-ART will turn your existing logo and catch phrase into an original work of art that we can paint on any wall in your building. We can  incorporate your logo into a beautiful wall mural,  just add a faux finish, or whatever your heart desires! Some spaces that that are great for hand-painted logos include areas behind the receptionist desk, hostess deck, lobby , waiting room or anywhere you want your brand elevated!

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